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18 June 2010

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Sample CD Review Site
Sample CD's are an increasingly popular way to obtain a ready made library of sounds to use with samplers or computers. There is an immense amount of work that goes into producing an hour or more of samples and as the volume of demand will be low the price of these CD's can be very expensive.

The main purpose of this site is to provide readers with an independent Reviews of these sample CD's, we've currently over 50 such indepth reviews.

Secondly I'm looking to create a really useful Links section, to guide you to all sorts of music related sites, each with a comment or two so you get an idea what the site contains before you go there.

I'm also looking to provide Faqs, News and Software resources on many aspects of sampling and making music, especially with computers, focusing on sampling and sample CD's of course.

Any comments that you may have, news, thoughts anything, hit the Contact button and drop us a line...

Sounds of Polynesia

Added June 18, 2010

A sample CD, a virtual instrument or a sample player, the line between musical products is blurring somewhat and a recent trend is what's known as Romplers. Find out more here.



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