18 June 2010

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Software Synthesisers and Synthesis
303 Tracker An Amiga 303 soft synth. Download and demos available.
Acid Wav Win95/98/NT sound editing & soft synthware from Polyhedric. Demo available.
Ambient Automat Java based software synthesis. Demo available.
ASM Audio Win95/98 multitrack audio production using WAV files and plug ins. Currently in beta, demo available.
Audio Architect Analogue type synthesiser and can output .WAV files. Currently at version 4.0, has received good reviews, demo available.
Audio Compositor MIDI-Wav rendering program, software synth and patch editor currently at version 3.2, demos and samples to download. Can use Kurzweil patches.Win95/98.
Audio Mulch Real-time audio processing and synthesis program for Win95/98 & NT. Beta version 0.7b6 available for download.
AudioSim Virtual analogue software synthesiser Demo and samples to download. Win 95/98. Dreamstation v1.0 due soon.
AXS Software synthesiser currently at version 2.02, lots of demos, samples and banks to download. Win 95/98.
BackToBasics O.R.I.Soft's Macintosh sample triggering software with midi support, Win 95/98 version in alpha.
Beatnik Player Beatnik is a soft synth browser plugin for Mac & Win95. Available for download.
Biodrummer "The Organic Rhythm Machine" A soft synth based rhythm program for Win95/98/NT. Demo to download.
Coagula "Industrial Strength Colour-Note Organ". Win95/98 wave renderer that uses graphic input to shape the audio output. "Lite" version available for download.
Csound A computer music language that can be programmed to render sound using any type of synthesis process.
D-Soundpro Sample editor/synth & MIDI/SCSI manager for the Mac. Demo available for download.
Defractor Digital synth with sample generator for Win95/98 from NeuRoTiX
Fruity Loops Win95/98 loop generator with soft synth engine, configurable drum kits and playlist.
Generator A real-time modular software synthesiser Free demo available for download
Gigasampler Nemesys present a software polyphonic virtual sample playback synth for Win95 that supports samples up to 2 GB in size. Also see the Gigasampler Users Site for more info & support.
Grain Wave 2 A real-time, software synthesiser for Power Macintosh (PPC) computers. GrainWave will run on the standard equipment that comes with any PPC. It does not require any additional hardware.
Granulab Real-time granular synthesiser for Win32. Beta version available for download.
Invision - Cybersound Real-time software synthesis for the Mac. Runs on a variety of hardware configurations from the Power Macs down to 68040 machines. Now available for Win95 as well.
Jsyn Using JSyn, Java programmers can add sophisticated high fidelity audio synthesis to their Java applets or applications
Koblo - Vibra 9000 Midi controllable mono soft synth for the PowerMac, written in Tokyo, a programming language developed by Koblo to build software synths & drum machines etc.
Making Waves PC software that mixes up to 64 channels of (replaceable) samples mixed real-time or rendered to a wave file. Demo available.
Mellosoftron Turn your Windows 95/NT PC into a live sampler and patch editor Shareware so download and try it out
Metasynth U&I Software present their Macintosh based soft synth & sample playback package featuring 512 voices, sound morphing, granular synthesis, graphic based editing of filters plus more.
Microsoft's IMC Control Active-X Interactive Music Control for Internet Explorer users. Great for web site builders & surfers. Also Microsoft's software synthesiser also available free for those without a GM synth.
Novastation MMX MIDI GM/XG Software Wavetable Synthesiser
ObjektSynth A real-time, multi-timbral, fast and powerful software synth for the BeOS. Free demo is available for download
Orangator Real-time Win95 virtual analogue synth.
Rebirth Probably the most popular soft synth, now at version 2, 2 TB-303's an TR-808 and TR-909. Demo available. Also see the Rebirth Song Page, Dance Net's Rebirth RB-338 archive and the Acid Mother Homepage.
Retro AS-1 Retro AS-1 Analogue Synthesiser is a software synth for the PowerMac and for Win95 from Bitheadz with fast real-time midi response, arpeggiator and more. Also Unity DS-1, a full featured software sampler for PowerPC & Win95
Rubber Duck Rubber Duck is a virtual bassline for Windows from D-Lusion "Acid for the masses !"
Seer System's Reality Reality is capable of simultaneous polyphonic and multi-timbral performance of multiple synthesis techniques, including PCM (sampling, wavetable), Subtractive (analogue), FM, Waveguide, Physical Modelling, and Modal synthesis. Also Seer Systems have other software wavetable synth upgrades for Sound Blaster 16 & AWE 32/64 cards.
SFX Machine Modular synthesis and multi-effects plug-in for the Mac
Signum 1100 Software sampler for Win95 DirectX-5. Signum 1100 is a software emulation of an Akai sampler with full midi control. Beta version now available for download.
SimSynth SimSynth generates RIFF wave format files, (.WAV files), which can be played from a Windows compatible wave device. Freeware version 1 available for download.
SMoRPhi Shareware Windows soft synth from Andre's Mod Page Also a nice list of other shareware tools & synths including GB303 a software TB303 for the Gravis Ultrasound.
Sondius XG Soft Synth Yamaha Announce Software Synthesis Version of the VL Physical Modelling Synthesisers!
Stomper - Drum Sound Synth Freeware Windows software to produce T909-808 like waves.
Subsynth SubSynth is a freeware synthesiser program for Windows. It uses subtractive synthesis - the method used by analogue synthesisers like Moogs and Roland TB303s.
SynC Modular Using its unique modular optimizing technology, the SynC Modular software synthesizer compares in performance to non-modular softsynths. Do realtime multitimbral sequencing with a modular softsynth!
SynthBuilder Synthesis music kit for Nextstep 3.2 platform running on 68K & X86 machines.
SynthEdit Jeff McClintock presents the beta version of his Windows soft synth. Uses DirectX and can operate real-time on a fast PC or render to disk.
Texture A Win95 midi compositional/sequencing application that then renders its output through a software synthesis engine.
Timbre Wolf A combined sound synthesiser and sequencer for Windows 95. With many of the features of an analogue twin oscillator analogue mono-synth.
TiMidity Freeware Midi wave renderer available for Linux or FreeBSD with the VoxWare sound driver, HP-UX with the HP network audio server, SunOS or Solaris with /dev/audio, DEC OSF/1 with MMS support, Microsoft Windows NT or 95/98, MS-DOS & MacOS.
VAZ - Virtual synth A soft virtual analogue synth for Win95 from Software Technology .
Virtual Sound Canvas New release of the Roland VSC88-ME software synth optimised for MMX computers from Edirol.
Virtual Waves Soft synthesis software for Windows by Synoptic. Demo available.
Vocal Writer Shareware music & vocal synthesis software for the Power Mac. Not only playback & edit GM midi files, but it will also sing your lyrics (85 voices to choose from)
WaveGen for Windows Shareware Windows PCM Wave generation software. Wave shaping algorithms including melodic & harmonic control. Soundfont support.
WinGroove Windows shareware soft synth with 44.1Khz resolution and GM capability. Japanese & English language option.
Yamaha XG Homepage Yamaha's range of soft synths and MIDIPlug for soft wavetable XG capability.