8 June 2008

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Free Cubase VST Plug Ins

Fraser Stuart -

F_M_Comp_M - Mono peak/RMS compressor.

F_M_Comp_S - Stereo peak/RMS compressor

F_M_EQShelf_M - Mono shelf EQ with High/Low shelf settings plus valve emulation for added warmth

F_M_EQShelf_S - Stereo shelf EQ

F_M_Tube_M - Mono tube warmth overdrive - modelled from an actual valve.

F_M_Tube_S - Stereo tube warmth overdrive

F_S_EQFilter_S - Simple EQ that can work as a high or low pass filter

F_S_LineTrim_S - Line Trim control, allows the use of an input level control with effects that don't have them.

F_S_Phaser - Turns outputs on the left and right channels 180 degrees out of phase.

Download Zip File (341k) Visit Fraser Stuart web site